+ Your Feet are Your Foundation +

Foot Reflexology is a bodywork modality using the feet as a mini-map of the body. Reflex areas of the feet are stimulated via a targeted compression massage that corresponds to our organs, glands and body parts - all while assessing stressed or imbalanced areas. This process supports the body's innate energy flow and stimulates its nerve supply. Utter bliss is the result!

Our Reflexology specialist at Future Perfect, Dale Grados, practices a unique method of foot reflexology known as The Zollinger BodySystems Method. She prefers this method because it allows the practitioner to work through the major systems of the body using an organized and effective protocol. An hour session utilizing this method is enough time to carefully work through the structural, nervous, endocrine, reproductive, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, urinary and lymphathic systems!

Come in to see why reflexology is not just a glorified foot massage!

1 hour session with Dale Grados - $100.00

 Dale Grados, Foot Reflexologist & Massage Therapist

Dale Grados, Foot Reflexologist & Massage Therapist

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