"Now here I go again, I see the crystal visions" - Stevie Nicks

It seems the world is becoming more and more intrigued by crystals which is exciting for me because I have had a love affair with crystals since I was a child.  I am often asked, “what do crystals do?” or “why do you love crystals”?

Well, that’s any easy question for me to answer.   Crystals have always been something I felt connected to because of my grandmother. She was an antique dealer and collected all sorts of things, but the thing she collected most were rocks.  Whenever she would send me a present for my birthday or Christmas, it would contain such a mix of odd objects and, without exception, there would be some sort of crystal.  There were shiny bits of pyrite, druzy pieces of quartz and thick slices of stunningly striped agate.  These slices of agate were always my most favorite because she told me stories of my ancestors carrying the agate, wrapped in beautiful silk cloth, on long journeys across the sea and then even further on horse and buggy.  They were considered prize possessions in my family, and each time I received one, it was such a joy.  I never knew about all of the metaphysical properties attached to crystals until I was a little older, but each piece brought me comfort in some way.  

Just as I was drawn to particular crystals, you may find yourself being drawn to a particular stone,  and there is probably a reason why…

Each crystal has its own vibration. You may not actually feel the vibrational energy coming from the stones, but we pick up these subtle vibrations the stones put off. These vibrations are caused by the geometric molecular structure of each crystal. Scientists have been studying and measuring this for years!

Different qualities are attached to different  crystals. For instance, if you feel you need to work on your self esteem, you may find yourself attracted to citrine.  Citrine is also used to increase wealth and success. Having a little trouble sleeping?  You might want to put some amethyst by your bed.  These days, I seem to be gravitating to smokey quartz and stilbite.  Smokey quartz is for protecting and grounding, and stilbite gives me a sense of calm.

It really all boils down to trusting your own intuition.  And of course, if you have trouble trusting that intuition, then just trust me, and get the labradorite!

- Abby Ellis

 Abby Ellis, Crystal Enthusiast + Massage Therapist + Healing Artist

Abby Ellis, Crystal Enthusiast + Massage Therapist + Healing Artist