Everyday Ritual by Molly Rose Freeman

One of the things I lamented growing up was that I didn't have many rituals. I studied them in cultures throughout history and around the world, but few, if any, of them belonged to me, and it felt inauthentic to put on the trappings of someone else's traditions. So I began to experiment and make up my own. Guided by my intuition and imagination, I began to create small rituals for myself: practices to help me feel centered, to help me get back in my body, to help me calm down when I had anxiety, to help energize me when I was stuck in a rut, to help me call in what I wanted and let go of what I no longer needed. And they worked! Animated by the power of my imagination, simple actions changed my life.

Ritual used to be woven seamlessly into daily life. Our ancestors moved through their days with a sense of connection because they had these touchstones. Many of us have lost the traditions of our ancestors, and I feel a collective longing for those practices that remind us who we are and where we belong. But you don't have to search for the lost traditions of your ancestors (although this can be a lovely and healing process) or borrow them from other cultures. So where do you begin, knowing only that you want to connect more deeply with the world in all its facets? I am here to give you permission to MAKE IT UP.

That's how all rituals came to be. When many of them began to be written down and recorded, it gave a sense that they were fixed: a set of instructions to follow like a recipe. It ain't true! These practices were part of a living tradition. They came from a place of creative exploration and imaginative conversation with the wider world. They came from deep listening and joyful action. You do not need anyone to teach you how to connect to the world, you only need access to your own imagination and a willingness to open to new possibility.

Feeling stuck? Feeling like there is something standing between you and your creative juices flowing freely? Join me for Everyday Ritual, where we will dive deep into the realm of imagination and explore a multitude of ways to access this abundant inner well of knowledge.

- Molly Rose Freeman

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