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Salt is an ancient and tried & true medicine. It has been used since ancient times for healing of all kinds, and it is a perfect at home self care tool for your physical health, energetic health, and psychic health. 

Salt is in earth’s water and in earth’s land, and our physical body even requires dietary salt to survive. In ancient civilizations, it was much harder to mine from the land and sea, so it was highly valued and even used as currency. Today it is so common and everyone has it in their homes, that it has often been overlooked for the high value it still holds. One of our most powerful healing tools is in every person’s home, it is right under our noses, and yet we haven’t been using it for all the benefits it has to offer. 

If you have ever been in to Future Perfect for a massage, we pretty much always give a spoken prescription for a hot salt bath after your session. Why is that? 

Well not only is it comforting to just submerge and soak, it also has added health benefits like increasing circulation, aiding in detoxification by helping you eliminate toxic byproducts, it has proven to have positive effects on relieving multiple forms of arthritis, and it even helps soothe a variety of skin conditions like eczema. Epsom salts in particular are wonderful because they release magnesium for bodily absorption when soaking. Not only do we physically need magnesium in our bodies, but magnesium is also a natural muscle relaxer, so it aids in relaxing tight muscles and even helps with people suffering from insomnia. 

Now let’s talk about the Magic of Salt!

Salt is so important to help us maintain our energetic health and psychic health because salt is a most high source of protection. This is also why we often suggest a salt bath after Reiki energy healing sessions. It helps to seal your energetic body and helps in cleansing your chakra system. And as we learned in Lucy’s “Salt, Energy, Breath” workshop this last weekend, since it is made of the earth, it is the *perfect* medicine for grounding. Just a pinch of salt to taste can you ground you in difficult situations.

And since this is October, and a time when many believe that the veil is thinnest between the earthly and spiritual realms, if you are effected by this, salt will keep you and your home protected. Carrying salt with you is wonderful, and you can also protect your home by putting strong lines of salt along the length of your doorways and even windows or fireplaces. Often when we are vulnerable, we are more susceptible to spirit energies. So when are going through trauma, loss or any high stress situation, salt will be your comforting shield.

Try a salt soak today, and experience the difference you feel in mind and body. We have a variety offered in our shop, so pick up a bag or two at your next visit with us!

- Dara Metcalfe

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