+ Salt, Breath, Energy +

I am super excited to be teaching + Salt, Breath, Energy:: A Grounding Workshop + at Future Perfect Massage.  

And yes, you teach what you most want/need to learn.  

That's how I got into massage and energy medicine -- I wanted to know about the unseen but very real parts of our lives -- the intuitive and personal experience of being in a body on earth and all that gets hidden there. Pain, Longing, Dreams, Clarity, True Direction, False Beliefs. I wanted to have names for my experience. I wanted to help myself and others be in each of our own unique bodies/lives and not in a fantasy of the body/life that we think we should be living. 

It was 10 years ago that I was living in New York City and making theater, and yet despite being on stage, I still felt we hid ourselves from ourselves and each other. I felt like we just shoved all our truth and pain in the body and didn't know what to do with the intensity and beauty of ourselves.  So I left the theater for the mystery schools. Because my own body was begging for me to meet her!  And I'm still meeting myself.

And now...well, shit is so real.  We are seeing the invisible very visible on the political stage, the climate stage, the personal stage -- all made very visible, and I feel we are being to ask to look deeply into ourselves and somehow learn to be Here. 

And Be ourselves. 

Listen and take care of ourselves. 

To Not Disappear. 

To be Here. 

And how do we truly be here? "To feel it all" as Feist sings, to feel where we have wrongly felt our hands were tied in our lives, to feel our immense light and all of our broken hearts.

To feel all of our Power.  

I want to teach this because even though I have been gobbling up as much healing arts education as I can, I STILL leave my body when its hard.  Like today when I went to the pediatrician with my son, I totally left my body.  Whoosh, up up and away. And I so want to be Here in my body, for me and especially for my son. And it seems like the only way back into the body is to address the body! Which is the "Feel It All" of it again -- to call back our energy body, our physical body, our emotional body, our spiritual body. 

- Lucy Kendrick Smith