Fasciitis on Fleek

Here at Future Perfect, we are no stranger to the evil condition know as plantar fasciitis.  Both Dara and I have endured the pain before we began to understand how to help.  My journey to understand how to treat plantar fasciitis was neither short or uncomplicated.  Of course, the first thing I did was turn to my investigoogling skills to help better understand the causes and treatments.  I read everything I could before seeing a doctor.  A quick search of the internet will tell you that wearing a boot at night, using ice, and gentle stretching are the first line treatments.  Some suggest a cortisone shot and anti-inflammatory medication.  While I don't disagree with these options as they are sometimes successful, I wanted to avoid the shot and the meds and see what else could work.  After trying many of the online suggestions and having little success, I decided to go see a chiropractor who specialized in soft tissue injury.   At this point I had been dealing with the pain for about six months, so it was time for me to see Dr Steve Lascala.  He has an amazing reputation and has worked for years on many professional athletes. 

I walk into his office and sandwich myself between two giant Atlanta Falcons and wait for my appointment.  Once in his office, Dr. Steve explained to me that many doctors use the boot protocol and after 6 months to a year, it works.  But he also said that it sometimes will just resolve even without the boot, so he decided to look for a better way.  It seems to be the SOLEUS muscle that is the real problem.  He proceeded to dig in to my lower leg, and I will tell you, it did not feel great!  But, after 20 min of work,  it was at least 75% better!  I went back for two more treatments, and then it was gone!  Dr Steve had given me so much relief that I begged him to teach me his ways, and he did. :)  It seemed too simple.  It's 90% about getting the soleus to relax.  The other 10% is breaking the inflammation cycle.

Once I had this magical information, I began to spread the word!  It has become such a big part of our practice at Future Perfect Massage, and we are so grateful for the knowledge!  Sadly, (for me), Dr. Steve has moved away from Atlanta to the beach and is semi retired, but we will always be grateful for his wisdom.