Choosing the Right Facial Roller

choosing the right facial roller

“Rollin’ with the homies.”

- Coolio

Facial Rolling is an ancient Chinese skincare treatment, and one that all of us at Future Perfect love and use in our daily skincare and self care rituals.

We specifically chose three different crystal facial rollers: Jade, The Golden Healer, & Amethyst. Here is our guide to choosing which one, or two, is right for You.

Jade is the traditional facial roller, and since Jade is a naturally cooling stone, it is great for beauty routines to soothe tired skin, decrease eye puffiness and calm redness. We love to use this one to massage in our facial oils and eye treatments.

The Golden Healer Quartz Roller is one of our personal favorites because this stone is great for your Reiki and crystal healing at home. Quartz is for your crown chakra, while the golden hue from the iron oxide in the stone resonates with the root chakra, and this golden combination activates your solar plexus and gives your entire chakra system a recharge. Use this when you need a little self care, self love.

Amethyst is the one that we keep on our nightstands. This stone is calming, so it’s perfect for those who struggle with insomnia. Use this as part of your nightly routine to massage and relax and prepare for sleep.

Whenever you use this lightly stimulating massage roller, you are moving lymph under the skin. Our lymph system moves toxins out of our bodies, so it is important to move this lymph towards the closest node to flush these toxins out of bodies. So make sure to make a few rolling passes down towards your underarm, or axillary lymph node. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us, and we are happy to show you a demonstration in store, or we can even include the treatment in your next massage appointment!

-Dara Metcalfe, Massage Therapist & Reiki Master Teacher