Massage & Reiki Meditation for Anxiety Relief

massage and reiki meditation for anxiety

“My heart is like a package with a fragile label on it. Be careful with me.”

- Cardi B

Are you suffering from anxiety? Either from short term situational anxiety to those that suffer from a chronic anxiety condition, massage and Reiki meditation can guide you towards relief.

When we are overwhelmed, it can tax our sympathetic nervous system, putting us in a constant state of fight or flight response. Over time this can tax our adrenals, trigger anxiety disorders, and increase cortisol levels which are “stress hormones.” This constant taxing leads to body fatigue which can lead to very real physical pains and ailments. When you find yourself here, learned grounding techniques and alternative therapies are so important to have in your self care tool box.

Massage is a wonderful grounding treatment because it reconnects us to our bodies, to our centers, and to the clues we hold in our bodies that teach us where we need to heal and where we need to center our attention. Massage can address and relieve all of those body pains triggered from stress and anxiety.

Massage also balances our parasympathetic nervous system. When this part of our nervous system is activated, it helps to release dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins, which soothe anxiety and depression and help with an overall feeling of well being.

People also often lean towards Reiki and meditation during these times of stress because it calms the central nervous system, and when you release energetic blockages, there is always a sense of grounding afterwards. Although Fear is a strong emotion, it is often all an illusion. So when Reiki clears our energetic debris, we can connect more strongly to our genuine heart centered space of self love, giving us strength to change old patterns, heal old wounds, and to move forward in life with more firm footing.

Book a massage or Reiki meditation session for preventative care or when you find yourself in need. We are here for You.

-Dara Metcalfe, Massage Therapist & Reiki Master Teacher