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Intuitive Oracle Reading

Oracle readings focus on bringing clarity to your daily life by using the cards as a tool for self-reflection. By connecting to your Angels, your Guides, your Higher Self, and Divine Light, your reading will provide insight tailored to your specific needs. Kaylie of Tiger Moon Mystic provides all services with compassion, understanding and a playfulness to ensure you feel safe and empowered to step forward in love & light. Longer sessions delve deeper into one-on-one counsel, spiritual guidance and practices for growth and healing.

30 minutes - $45

45 minutes - $65

60 minutes - $90

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Intuitive Reading with Reiki Healing

This special offering combines an intuitive oracle reading with Reiki healing energy work. Reiki is a form of energetic healing that focuses on balancing the chakra system. Each chakra gives us different information about holding patterns in our physical as well as our mental bodies. By channeling healing "universal life force energy," or 'KI', which is the energy that animates all life around us, Reiki practitioners can harmonize physical, mental, and energetic imbalances.

In this sacred session, Kaylie of Tiger Moon Mystic will tune into your energy and delve into messages from your Angels, Guides and Divine Light. The session begins with Reiki energy healing and a discussion of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual concerns.

After the session, we will hold space for Angelic messages. Kaylie’s angel card readings focus on providing love, light and clarity. Each session ends with a heart-to-heart discussion and practical next steps to leave you feeling comforted as you go about the rest of your day.

90 minutes - $150