Not sure which skincare treatment is right for you? Can’t decide between offerings? Have specific skin concerns?

Read below for answers to our frequently asked questions.

I have dry, flaky skin. What treatments do you recommend?

Oxygen Infusion! This treatment is the most moisturizing and will leave your skin feeling relaxed, hydrated and calm.

I have adult acne. I want to reduce the breakouts and minimize the scarring... What do you recommend?

First off, we’re here for you, bb. Adult acne can be scarring physically and emotionally; all of our sessions are performed with kindness and end with advice and actionable items customized to your skin’s needs.

We recommend an initial facial with a possible chemical peel to start. This is a good way to first access the skin and your regimen. If your skin is inflamed, come in for an Oxygen Infusion so that we can focus on calming and killing bacteria. When working on acneic skin, we have to be vigilant at keeping your cell turnover at a higher rate so that bacteria doesn’t keep getting trapped. We recommend a series of peels every other week. Once we get acne down to a manageable amount, we can nanoneedle to decrease scarring. 

I have wrinkles & fine lines. What do you recommend?

Oxygen Infusion, Microcurrent and Nano-Needling are all great options to tackle those pesky fine lines!

I have large pores... help!

Nano-Needling will reduce your pore size! Also, keeping your skin at its most hydrated will make your pores appear smaller. A little Oxygen Infusion will temporarily do the trick.