Reiki Level II :: The Gift of the Sacred Symbols

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Reiki Level II Graphic_FINAL_v1.png
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Reiki Level II :: The Gift of the Sacred Symbols


⌦ This event has already taken place. ⌫

In Reiki Level I, we became expansive in our intuitive awareness. We awoke our ancestral wisdom - that genetic knowledge we have stored deep in our DNA. We trusted all of the information we found there, we embraced our powerful visions, and we took time to use these gifts to heal.

We met with, we courted, and we built a loving relationship with our own beloved inner Healing Artist. 

Now join us for :: Reiki Level II :: - your healing empowerment path leveled up.

We have integrated with our Higher Selves, we have embraced our Healing Artistry, and now we are ready to attune with the Gifts of the Sacred Symbols in order to share this empowered healing for The Greater Good.

In Reiki Level II, you will:

+ Be gifted three of the four Usui Sacred Symbols for healing. To honor our lineage, these symbols are to be held sacred & secret. 

+ Learn how to channel for Absentee Healing.

+ Learn how to channel Reiki to the Future.

+ Learn how to Cut Cords with Golden Scissors.

+ Learn & Practice the Bridge of Light Ceremony. *(This may require an additional field trip for those interested).

+ Begin a practice of channeling Reiki not solely for self care, but also integrating into how you care for your community, family, friends, and animal companions.

ATTN : If you ARE Reiki Level I attuned, but you have NOT been attuned with our Reiki Master Teacher, Dara Metcalfe::

Please register first to hold your spot, and then email at to make sure you have all of the information available to prior to joining us in class. All other students, please bring your books & notebooks from Reiki Level I.

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